Areas of expertise

Labour Law

In the field of labour law, our Law Firm manages cases falling within the scope of individual labour law as well as collective employment relationship in terms of both Polish and European labour law. The Law Form advises employers on the best solutions concerning the employment of personnel. It analyses the applicable internal sources of labour law and provides guidance on the choice of the form of employment. Upon the request of clients, our Law Firm prepares legal opinions on specific problems.

The Law Firm participates in a social dialogue, acting as an advisor and expert. It participates in agreement negotiations and advises on conducting discussions at collective disputes. In the area of individual employment relationship, our Law Firm has gained extensive experience in court litigations between parties involved in employment relationship. It handles cases concerning the termination of employment relationship, the remuneration claims of employees (e.g. cases for the payment of overtime work bonus, compensation claims, severance allowance for collective redundancy)

Social Security Law

In the field of social security law, the Law Firm assists our clients in the proper employment of individuals within the European Community in terms of social insurance obligation. Furthermore, our Law Firm manages court and administrative cases against insurance authorities concerning insurance contributions, the amount of contributions due, the correctness of premiums calculation, as well as the amount of benefits.

Economic Law

In the field of economic law, our Law Firm specializes in issues concerning the authorities of capital companies. It provides advice on the optimization of the employment of managing personnel , indicating the strengths and weaknesses of the concept of the management board operation in the company.

Our Law Firm supports its clients in establishing new enterprises, as well as providing an ongoing service to companies operating in business trading. The Law Firm has wide experience in rendering services to companies operating in the health service industry, IT, transportation and construction.

Our Law Firm provides comprehensive advisory services within the scope of public procurement law. It provides support to contractors during contract award procedures by offering the preparation and support of legal remedies provided for in public procurement law.

Succession of property

Within the scope of the activities which are conducted in our Law Firm, we prepare and manage the procedure of succession of property, both among family and business members. The adequate planning and application of the succession procedure – among others, due to the complex nature of shareholding in capital companies – may prove crucial in ensuring sustainable growth, without the need of taking risks.

The concept of succession, despite being fully governed by legal regulations, is of a universal character. The law neither takes into account the position of each testator, nor relies on sympathy, dreams or individual relations between family or business members. Discussion and the analysis of the client’s individual situation, as well as their needs and wishes, are the first step to building a comprehensive plan of property succession, which is inherently linked to estate planning.

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