International cooperation

Since June 2011 our Law Firm has been a member of the international lawyers’ organisation Galexy International. Galexy International is a global association of law firms from more than twenty countries (among others Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Great Britain and the United States).

The idea behind the organisation is mutual cooperation aimed at providing clients operating on an international basis reliable, prompt and professional legal assistance, not only within the territory of European jurisdiction but also in the United States or Asia. The members of the organisation are law firms which have expertise in a wide range of legal issues, recognising the needs of today’s international business.

Membership in Galexy International enables our Law Firm to provide prompt legal assistance to clients who seek to resolve a problem falling beyond the scope of domestic legal order. Although the scope of legal assistance covers multiple areas of law, special emphasis is placed on issues concerning economic and commercial law.

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Member of Galexy International